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From: Danny Baker (
Date: 01/30/94

"DM who is going (tense?) insane!" <> writes:

> I reworked my code ny starting over again from circle.
> All I have changed is as follows:

> 3.  Made 36 the Highest Level.

> By making it a 36 i changed the LEVEL_{whatever} in structs.h
> and fixed titles, and xp in constants.c

  Though this is unlikly to be the cause of your problem, you may wish
to look into making sure that you update the class skills and to_hit 
tables in the constants.c (I'm pretty sure that's the correct file for
this) to go all the way up to lev 36 so that the Highest lev immorts/IMPs
can actually perform these skills.  This *might* not be a concern on Circle
code, but I remember having no end of frustration trying to figure out why
the IMP level characters on ShineMUD were worse than a lev 1 mage when it
came to hitting with and attack and also why they couldn't hit with a 
backstab, only to find that when the levels 26-30 were added for immorts
the tables were not expanded to reflect this.  The actual array expansion
is so simple that even a poor C hack like myself could update it while the
real coders did more productive things :)


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