From: Danny Baker (
Date: 01/30/94

   Heh....thought I'd still be with-it enough to make sense out of the
files I've got regarding this, but all I've gotten so far is that the
error hinges on the deletion of what had been AFF bit 512 at some
point before I reworked the tiny*s.  I'll figure out the exact fix(es) as
soon as I've downloaded a "fresh" copy of circle to make sure I know
the exact nature of the screw up.
  If someone could direct me to the ftp site for CircleMUD I'd really
appreciate it - I can't find the address anywhere.  Please reply directly
to this acct with the ftp site help, as this account isn't on the m-list 
yet but it IS the one I can log onto from home, so it's my prefered addr.


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