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From: Danny Baker (
Date: 01/30/94

  Ok, here's the (probable) way to fix the fact that Infravision, Stealth,
Hide, Charm (AFF_CHARM, at least), and AFF_PROTECT_EVIL bits...
Add a placeholder at BIT_512 (number 9 by Jeremy's new table) and adjust 
all of the later bits upwards by one, so that INFRARED is at 25 (33554432) 
rather than at bit 24.  The bits should still stop at 30, however, so
just delete the old AFF_bit30 line rather than incrementing it to 31 :)
The .MOB AFF bits were set using the "standard" Diku AFF values found in 
structs.h, which put Sneak at 2^19, Hide at 2^20, and therefore puts IR 
vision at 2^25. 
  I don't think that this will interfere with anything else - however, I
could be wrong... I'm sure someone will post if I'm overlooking something
obvious, but changing this table seems to only affect the definitions of
the individual bit-values. Since only the 'names' of the bits are refered 
to through the rest of the code (to my knowledge at least), nothing bad
should come of updating the table in this manner.

  Lemme know if doesn't do the trick, or if there is something I'm
overlooking, and I'll filter the .mob through a program I wrote that'll
remap the AFF bits to what the structs.h reads, but it seems to me

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