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Date: 03/10/94

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Date: Thu, 10 Mar 1994 21:49:55 -0800 (PST)
From: Josh Kifer <>
To: "Michael B. Gilliam" <>
Subject: Re: FTP areas

> > Hey, I have a novel idea... why don't you create your OWN areas... I know 
> > it sounds rediculous, and you are saying to yourself, "what is the world 
> > coming to?"  But I think it would really catch on!  Pretty soon, who 
> > knows, I wouldn't call 20 muds and find that they are each identical...
> > 
> > Josh.
> > 
> Wow Josh.  
>   I guess maybe some of us, apparently unlike yourself, do not have the
> time to just sit in front of a computer and waste a life away.  Sure,
> mudding and coding are enjoyable past times, but I do not have the time
> to just sit in front of a computer and do nothing else.  And no where 

No need to be derogitory.  Besides, what can you possibly do that isn't 
wasting life away?

> in my posting did I say I was NOT going to make an area.  Unless you
> of course are able to read something I was not.  If some one is willing
> to code an area, put it on the network, why should I not take advbantage
> of it?  It would not only help my mud to increase in size; hence, in
> popularity as well.  

If thats what you think makes a mud popular, then I guess go for it.  I 
don't think so though.  It is my experience that quality, not quantity 
produces the best muds.  If you want a mud that is going to have a 
hundred people on it... you have to capture those people with your own 
unique creativity.  If any of them can go to 20 different muds for the 
same thing, they will.  However, if they can only find 1 mud, with 
certain qualities, they can only go to that mud.  Get my meaning?

> It would also enable me to learn the code a little
> better.  

What code?

> I do not recall saying nor implying that I just wanted to
> untar a mud, type make, ftp some areas down, and leave it at that.
> If you want to run a mud with 6 zones and even fewer players, then
> go ahead.  And since you are soooo against using someone else work,
> I suppose that you rm all the worlds that come with the circle package
> and strted from scratch. I know....of course you did.  Or even more 
> likely, you are just on this newsgroup and have not even attempted to
> process of putting up a mud.  

I don't run a mud, I write code (not world files, but C code) modifications 
for different mud ops.  However, if I were, I would indeed erase all the 
default world files and start from scratch.  How can I feel proud of my 
mud if it is 90% someone elses work?

Lets not get a flame thing going here.  I understand we both have our own 
values here, neither being better than the other.   

And lastly, if you require any modifications to your source, let me 
know.  I'd be pleased to help.


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