From: The Chronicler (
Date: 03/11/94

> > I do not recall saying nor implying that I just wanted to
> > untar a mud, type make, ftp some areas down, and leave it at that.
> > If you want to run a mud with 6 zones and even fewer players, then
> > go ahead.  And since you are soooo against using someone else work,
> > I suppose that you rm all the worlds that come with the circle package
> > and strted from scratch. I know....of course you did.  Or even more 
> > likely, you are just on this newsgroup and have not even attempted to
> > process of putting up a mud.  

> I don't run a mud, I write code (not world files, but C code) modifications 
> for different mud ops.  However, if I were, I would indeed erase all the 
> default world files and start from scratch.  How can I feel proud of my 
> mud if it is 90% someone elses work?

   I agree..... a mud should be unique.  Aren't we all just sick of midgaard?

"If I knew it was going to be this damn cold, I'd have worn a sweater"
  	-J. Frost.

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