Re: FTP areas (fwd)

From: Josh Kifer (
Date: 03/11/94

> More areas do make a mud better as does unique/improved code.
> neither one works alone.  standard diku code with 200 areas wouldn't be
> overly popular and neither would the best code with 6 areas.
> I've seen some really nice muds (code wise) where they didn't have
> enough area for it to grow.  people won't play on a mud where they are
> on top of each otheer too much.  I've also seen huge muds (lots of area)
> that had stock diku code.  also bad.  
> You need to balance the resources available to you between better code
> and more/better zones.  If you ignore either your mud will never reach
> it's potential.

I disagree.  What you need it original/uniquie code, AND many areas, all 
of them original.  Take for example Arctic mud.  They have completely 
unique code, and tons of totally original areas... that is why the damn 
place is always maxxed at a hundred users.


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