Date: 03/14/94

I think I might have run into a bug here... When you vstat a mob
the mud shuts down, claiming 
SYSERR: NOWHERE extracting char. (handler.c, extract_char)
Well, I took a look in extract_char, and if ch->in_room==NOWHERE,
this error occurs... I then read the code for vstat, and found
the function read_mobile, which sets some variables, altho
it doesn't set in_room - maybe this causes the error? My knowledge
of C is somewhat limited, so before trying to fix the error myself,
I wanted to know if anyone's had the same problem, and the best
solution to it.
I guess setting in_room to something like 0 or -2 in read_mobile
would make do_vstat work, altho I am not too sure if it would
affect anything else.

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