From: Brett C Helgeson (bhelgeson@csc.Cornell-Iowa.edu)
Date: 03/14/94

	First off, thanks for all those whoe mailed me with the dikued question
I had, you gave me some good ideas and avenues. Now, I have one more question:

 Has anyone gotten a permanent death to work? The best I have done has gotten it
so that if a char dies, he gets push out, but then the whole game crashes. 

 What I would love(beg, pray, etc) would be a system that once you get killed, you have
about one tick before you are permanetly dead. (So Ressurect spells will be usefull). 
If anyone can help me out with this (And I thank the ones who helped me before), I will
be much abliged. I can send you some spells if you want to trade or we can work 
something out.  Thanks.


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