Re: Ponderings

From: Josh Kifer (
Date: 03/14/94

>  Has anyone gotten a permanent death to work? The best I have done has gotten it
> so that if a char dies, he gets push out, but then the whole game crashes. 
>  What I would love(beg, pray, etc) would be a system that once you get killed, you have
> about one tick before you are permanetly dead. (So Ressurect spells will be usefull). 
> If anyone can help me out with this (And I thank the ones who helped me before), I will
> be much abliged. I can send you some spells if you want to trade or we can work 
> something out.  Thanks.

I got this to work, didn't I send it to you?

For the other part, you would need to add another STATE for the 
character, that being STATE_DEAD.  Have it count however many ticks you 
set and then toast them.  Anyone think of a better idea?


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