Re: Amiga CircleMUD & Amiga Dikued

From: Jean-Jack M. Riethoven, AgroSystems department (AB-DLO), Wageningen - NL, (+31) (J.J.M.RIETHOVEN@AB.AGRO.NL)
Date: 03/16/94

>In order for the Amiga port of DikuEd to work properly with the Amiga port
>of CircleMUD, all of the def files need to be changed to reflect ACMud
>values. Has anyone made these changes yet? I'm feeling kind of lazy, and

Just for the record: the structures in Amiga CircleMUD are exactly the 
same as in the original CircleMUD. Same for the Amiga port of Dikued. 
So, basically all kind people who already did the job of updating all 
defs in DikuEd to reflect the original CircleMUD can answer :)

> (one lazy coder :)
                             ^^^^^^^^   *cough* no comment *grin*


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