Re: Pet Peeves...(long!)

From: Jeff (
Date: 03/16/94

> Here is yet another (verbose) idea listing that I've been working on.
> Some ideas I've had on how to deal with some of the trouble that CHARMed
> MOBs and pets cause, as well as some nice mods for them both...
> 	Have the CHARM spell also make the MOB act wimpy while charmed; have
> 	 the spell "broken" if the MOB does ever flee.  Alternatively, give
> 	 the mob an 'Intelligence check' to see if the spell breaks - this'll
> 	 give the MOB about a 55% chance(with the "base" 11 stats) to break
> 	 the spell - which is a bit more "mage friendly".  See the 'charm 
> 	 vengence' note below...

I think it'd be better to only makre checks when a PC orders his/her
followers to attack, or something to that effect. Once you've lost your
saving throw (or never had one in the case of the pet shop) you're sunk,
unless you are ordered to something that you'd have a problem with.
(D&D style rules)

> 	Make charmed mobs and pets automatically ASSIST their master

I'm not sure if attaching the MOB_HELPER flag does this on default Circle,
if not, we modified ours so that charmed helpers automatically assist their
master. I'm not sure that I like the idea of always assisting, but I guess
you can always leave your followers in the next room if you want to solo

Also, aggressive monsters that are charmed should not be able to attack
their master.

> 	If the MOB has MEMORY, then when the charm spell runs out the MOB
> 	 should have a chance to "remember" the person that has subjected
> 	 them to slavery and forced combat.

Agreed... I know I'd be pretty pissed if charm wore off on me. I think
the mobs probably ought to start attacking as soon as the charm wears
off. (Although this is probably alignment specific)

> 	Pet Items - currently in circle code pets cannot get/be given any
> 	 items.  Implementing a PET_ITEM object flag could add a bit of
> 	 flavor to the mud, as well as providing yet-another outlet for
> 	 the players money.

Pet shops mobs are one of the few places we use the complicated monster
scheme. We let them take stuff.... but set their strength so low that
it doesn't do them a whole lot of good.

> 	Modify the Pet Shop to actually deal with supplies - ie, randomly
> 	 generate the number of each type of pet present to be sold at 
> 	 start-up

Again, I'm not sure if this has been implemented in Circle or not, but
we have a maximum of 8 followers when you buy at the pet shop. We also
made it so that you can't order pets to buy pets. This solves the
endless trail problem rather nicely.

> 	 -- Getting to the point....
> 	 Charmed MOBs/pets help out in battle, both through attacking
> 	 for and often taking the hits for their master.

Which is why mobs should look to see if they're fighting a charmed follower,
and if so, switch to start hitting the master instead. It might be a neat
trick to have all charmed mobs in combat flee when their master leaves the

> 	 This, unto itself, is a great boon to anyone lacking a group,
> 	 or simply light on firepower/cannon-fodder.

The biggest problem we've had is the charm flute in Thalos. It definitely
needs to be given to a moving lamia, rather than just regenerating in
the room... otherwise we have no PC groups on the MUD... everyone's
running around with cityguards, etc.


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