Re: Intelligent (?) Objects

From: Jeff (
Date: 03/16/94

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> >	Also, has anyone made a true flaming sword? One that does fire and blade
> >damage? I have some ideas on this to... 
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> >Brett@legends...
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> Well, here's what I've got in mind for the MUD I'm working on.
> Whenever damage is dealt, pass in the amount of damage and a
> bitvector to the function that resolves damage.  Use the bitvector
> to specify what types of damage are being done.  Now, the problem
> (that I haven't really decided on a good solution for yet) is how to
> specify how much of the damage is from the slash, and how much from
> the fire.  One possibility is fiddling with the weapon-obj struct a
> bit so you can specify multiple damage rolls and then provide one
> for each type of damage the weapon does..... then pass a linked list
> of damage nodes to the damage resolver.  Or, if you prefer
> simplicity over flexibility, just assume that each type of damage
> being dealt is responsible for an equal portion of the total damage.

You guys might have more luck defining a constant to be CMD_HIT and
sending the weapon through a special procedure with this command number.
(of course, this will be different in 3.0... you'll need a cmd_is().)


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