Re: Questions about OLC

From: Matt Read (
Date: 03/21/94

  In order to solve the 100d100+100+100 object creation about
allocating a points system for stats on weapons (and eq for that matter).
  For example: Each +dam point costs ... 3 points
                    +hit point cost  ... 3 points
                    a d8 is worth    ... 2 points
                    a d12 is worth   ... 3 points
                then various other affectors to eq and weapons could be given
                other point ratings which then could be added up online and
each immort level given a difference quota of points that they could use to
create an object.
  I admit they could still load as many of each weapon as they wanted so there
is obviously still the potential for cheating. But logging all instances of
an immort loading an object in the syslogs might go someone to stop this.

                Thanks for listening,

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