Re: Spec_proc request for use in v3.0

From: Jeff (
Date: 03/21/94

> An idea hit me last night that I'd like to see in v3 if I could get some
> kind coder out there to work this up;  What I would like is a special
> proc for the Ethereal spiders in Arachnos (a favorite area of mine, and
> working towards more coherence and balance).  I'd like them to rarely attempt
> to "bite" one of it's attackers, and poison them.  The poison, however, would
> be quite special...  It should act on a time delay - after 'x' ticks, 
> preferably a random varition "around" a set amount, like 10-30 ticks or such,
> and when it acts, the "poisoned" PC should be affected by a random teleport
> spell.  

It sounds like you want to affect the character with a spell that does nothing.
Then when the spell wears off, random teleport him/her.  Does Circle currently
do anything with spells wearing off, other than just removing the affects? I
know that we had to write one when we put our haste and slow spells in.


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