Spec_proc request for use in v3.0

From: Danhiel Baker (dbaker@harpo.dev.uga.edu)
Date: 03/20/94

An idea hit me last night that I'd like to see in v3 if I could get some
kind coder out there to work this up;  What I would like is a special
proc for the Ethereal spiders in Arachnos (a favorite area of mine, and
working towards more coherence and balance).  I'd like them to rarely attempt
to "bite" one of it's attackers, and poison them.  The poison, however, would
be quite special...  It should act on a time delay - after 'x' ticks, 
preferably a random varition "around" a set amount, like 10-30 ticks or such,
and when it acts, the "poisoned" PC should be affected by a random teleport

On Shine diku we had mobs casting teleport on PCs randomly by effectively 
forcing the PC to cast 'teleport' (regardless of class/level - I may be
able to get ahold of this if it is needed) on themself (as it cannot really
be cast on others).

Thus, in a battle, Gonner the Fearless is bitten by an Ethereal spider.  He
receives a message telling him 'The ethereal spider bites you, and injects
you with poison!'.  Nothing happens immediately, but later the group is in
mid-fight and "Gonner shimmers slightly and disappears!", teleporting him
to some new, random location.  Cure poison should work fine to keep this
ill from befalling Gonner and his party, so it may need to be modified too.

I'm not sure if this will require a new "spell" to handle this timed 
implementation or not... if so, and it'd be a real pain in the... I'd
settle for a spec_proc that just randomly casts 'teleport' (in the
method I described above, if need be...I think that's the only way to
handle getting a player to be teleported away :) and has 'configurable'
"special effects" that I could set (no, not each time - just for the
whole thing so it'll look the way I'd like... I can generally hack C
enough to handle working with strings and such...really!)

Thanks to any interested coders!

Danny, who may bug you for more spec's if you aren't careful :)

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