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From: VampLestat (
Date: 03/28/94

On Mon, 28 Mar 1994, Peter Acheson wrote:

>  - one to move objs/mobs/pcs.. there is summon/word of recall are the only
>    spells so far... I would like to see something added so that you could say
>    travel through objects... like say tree travel... (ie for class druid)

or maybe a more general system for allowing the transportation of 
obj/mobs/players?  i dunno..

>   - Have a spell gate or of type gate... It opens a portal in between two rooms
>     for about 2-3 tics depending on level of pc and anyone can use it who isin
>     either of the two rooms... It also costs a phenomenal amount of mana...

ugh, a REALLY bad idea.  even if it uses 100 mana points, people will 
still use it all the time to get around mobs they dont want to have to 
deal with or to do mass transportation of PC that could not normally get 
to a location on foot.  I just normally see this spell as a big "cheat" 
on most muds.  Though I guess if it gets imped I'll just hack it back out.

>   Special procedures for objects:

Yea, this is generally a "good thing".  Any chance of including it in 
Circle 3.0?  It would also be great to be able to give special procs to 
rooms so that you could have a volcano that occationally cast a fireball 
in the room, or similar things.

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