Re: Circle 3.0 update (fwd)

From: Eric Pilcher (rasta@CSOS.ORST.EDU)
Date: 03/28/94

>> * If a player has 'grouped' themself then they earn significantly more
>>    exp than if they were traveling alone and un-grouped.  One theory I've
>>    got on this is that it ignores the difference between the mobs and PCs
>>    level, which is figured into the 'kill experience' (this is what normally
>>    makes killing lower level mobs into an exercise in futility.)  I thought
>>    I'd had another idea for 'why/what' is causing the that bug, but it seems
>>    to have slipped away.  Maybe later..
> Hm.. I've been saying for a while I'd like to rethink the way exp gains
> are calculated, in particular to fix that bug.  Maybe now is the time.
> Suggestions, anyone?

Well, hold a minute here.  Why should mob level vs. player level even need
be calculated into the equation.  Mob level is often a poor reflection
on the mobs actual abilities anyway!  For example, I could write a mob that
could beat the crap out of a level 30, and call it a level 1 mob just the

I know that a high level player should not be rewarded as much for an easy
kill.  This IS reflected, however, in that it takes an increasing ammount
of exp to level after each level.  Therefore a level 1 can level off 1000
fidos but to a level but to a level 25 the same exp from the same 1000 fidos
would be a mere drop in the bucket.

If you want to prevent players from killing the same old mobs repeatedly
however, take a look at arctic.  When you kill a mob on Arctic, it stores
it's vnum in a buffer, then each time you kill a mob with that same vnum
the counter for that mob goes up by one.  The higher the mob counter, the
less exp you get for that mob.  Up to 20 mobs are stored in the buffer with
the latest mob you killed always at the top.  So if you stop killing a 
certain type of mob, go out and kill 20 different other types, and then come
back to the original, you effectively reset that original mob.  Sorry, if
this is hard to follow.

I'm not sure how this works with reguards to exp distribution.  Probably
just calculates shares first, and then knocks off a percentage from that
percentage based on how many of those mobs you've already killed.

>> * You can TRACK into a DT (some "serve" multiple rooms).  If this is 
>>    intentional, ignoreit; otherwise read the 'long form' on this before
>>    you head off to fix this, as I may have some use for it.
> I didn't realize it when I was coding it, but on deeper reflection, I
> think track is more dangerous and more interesting if it's possible to
> go through a DT.  I will keep it in.

*chuckle* well, the DT of course has to have an exit, and be along the
shortest distance between player and mob.  This works great if players try
to build tintin robots off your track routines.

> --   The spell table needs to be fixed up.  There are only spells up to
>      level 15, and I've taken out some of the lame ones like ventriloquate.
>      Since Circle is a "base" code, I don't want to go overboard on the
>      spells, but I at least need input as to how to make the spell system
>      balanced for a 30-level MUD.

One thing that has always bothered me about Gamma is that the spells were
never in a "pyramid" type form which is usually common to most games.
For example, at level 1 there should be a vast multitude of spells to
choose from, but as you level, spells become not only more powerful, but
there are fewer to choose from.

Instead we seem to have about 2 spells/level for all levels.  *blah*


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