From: Peter Acheson (pacheson@gucis.cit.gu.edu.au)
Date: 03/29/94

Ok someone wanted eloboration on the moving of objs/mobs/pcs spell template...
Well for a start there are two spells already that do this, being teleport and
and summon, oh yeah and word of recall... What I was looking at was using
different methods methods of transportation... ie you have say a spell tree
travel(silly code)... instead of moving you by rooms, it moves you through the
tree mobs at certain locations and hence allows the pc to move about to a
limited extent...

Hope that clears that up...
Now it appears that people are against a spell gate... Hmmm, but what if the
cost was 90% of their movement and 50% of their hit points? That would make it
very interesting, because if they just tried to bypass mobs, usually done to
get to a mob with eq, then they would end up in a fight with half their hps
gone, this should apply to anyone travelling through the gate... Or better yet
there is a chance that when in the gate they end up dead, because they have
lost their concentration and screwed up their ritual for traveling through the

Another thing associated with this is could you please add a NO_SUMMON flag to
rooms... the idea being that you cannot be summoned, teleport to this room...
neither would you be able to open a gate or word of recall in a room with this
flag... perhaps that would alleviate some of youwho are worried about players
bypassing mobs to zones... I mean there has to be some advantages to being high
level and doesn't always have to be damage related... Anyways that is my final
comment on that topic...

Another thing I just thought of... I don't know if you can do this now but maybe
3.1? Anyways, the idea is to add to OLC or create a utility whereby you can
easily change the number of mortal levels... At the moment if you want to
change the number of mortal levels, you have to make quite a number of changes,
ranging from spells, to skills, to level of commands. I would like to see a
utility whereby if you wish to change the number of mortal levels and have it
change most of the things for you... Yes, i just realised at the moment it can't
be added to OLC because the changes need to be made before compiling... Maybe
online compiling can be added? :)

As for rooms I agree 100% that there should be something like teleport rooms
and rivers... It would be also great to see the following two flags added as w
well for types, type UNDERWATER and type AIR, being that you would need a fly
spell or some such to even get to or be in the AIR room, but here's a nice
twist to it... If your fly(whatever) spell wears off when in an AIR room, then
you fall to the ground causing you damage, maybe even killing you.

As for the UNDERWATER room that is for things like traveling underwater and the
same applies to it... You would have something like a waterbreath spell that
allows you to breath or be underwater... But if it should wear off and it is
determined that you are in deep enough water, then you drown, or if you are too
far down to surface safely but not die, then you suffer from the bends or some

Anyways, excuse me if my thoughts are somewhat unorganised as I write this on
the fly... Anyone that needs points clarified or elaborated further, I will do


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