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Date: 03/29/94

On Tue, 29 Mar 1994, Peter Acheson wrote:

> Now it appears that people are against a spell gate... Hmmm, but what if the
> cost was 90% of their movement and 50% of their hit points?

I'd still be against it.  It just defeats the propose of a well planned 
out area to pop in whereever you want.

But thats never stoped people from many of the additions they've made to 
diku that I think destroy the atmosphere of the game.  (Merc's no-rent 
and training stats, RO's "dimension walk" or whatever it was, etc..)

> That would make it
> very interesting, because if they just tried to bypass mobs, usually done to
> get to a mob with eq, then they would end up in a fight with half their hps
> gone, this should apply to anyone travelling through the gate...

Even poor innocent lv 1's that wander thru unknowingly?  Or players that 
are only at 10hp anyway and wander thru, lose 5hp, and then get full 
healed back up to 400hp?  There are alot of holes, and if the spell is 
worthwhile people will use it.  I dont think its a good idea, but if you 
like it, by all means go code it.  More power to ya!

> Or better yet
> there is a chance that when in the gate they end up dead, because they have
> lost their concentration and screwed up their ritual for traveling through the
> dimensions...

If it had a chance of automatic death, I'd never use it, and all the code 
you wrote for it would go to was because people never use the spell.
> Another thing associated with this is could you please add a NO_SUMMON flag to
> rooms...

I've made one for mobs, but no for rooms.  Why for rooms, rather than 
using some form of GOD_ROOM or PRIVATE?

> As for rooms I agree 100% that there should be something like teleport rooms
> and rivers... It would be also great to see the following two flags added as w
> well for types, type UNDERWATER and type AIR, being that you would need a fly
> spell or some such to even get to or be in the AIR room, but here's a nice
> twist to it... If your fly(whatever) spell wears off when in an AIR room, then
> you fall to the ground causing you damage, maybe even killing you.

Actually I was asking about room special procs... but... 

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