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Date: 03/29/94

On Tue, 29 Mar 1994, Danhiel Baker wrote:

> it available til around 15 and 12? I think this would be a nice gimme for the
> non-casting sorts, who aren't getting anything new (though I've got some
> ideas for spell-like skils for high lev thieves, and other spells in general).
> In case that wasn't clear, Track should be available starting at lev: 3 for
> Thieves, 7 for Warriors, 12 for Clerics, and 15 for Mages.

Along similar lines, has anyone looked into giving SKILLS to spell 
casters as well?  I'd like to make a couple mage or cleric skills, yet 
have a different learning rate for skills than spells.  Has anyone tried 

> as well.  I simply don't want to see 'nuclear strike' and 'Full Heal Group'
> at lev 30 - I'd rather that more 'tools' were added, and more spells that
> facilated working things out in some other way than hack-n-slash style of
> power-playing.

Of course these types of spells are a bit harder to write, which is why 
they dont always get done... :)

> Movement restoration at various levels, 

I wrote one of these ... rather easy.

> sort of indentify spell (perhaps not so complete as the scroll version,
> at least not until higher lev version, 'Full Identify').

Played with the idea of removing ID scrolls and spells and making a shop 
that has a mob that will ID stuff for you instead.  This would make 
things a bit more interesting as players explore new stuff ... the big 
delima "do I drink this green potion I just found or not?" when they find 
theselves stuck.

>  A 'wizard eye'
> type spell would be cool - roughly 'at <mob> look', but for players.

I worte a spell called wizard eye, but it was the same as teh FajitaDIKU 
version - so when you did a 'look north' you saw the room north of you 
via a 'doat <room> look'.  I've thought about a spell called 'scry' that 
would do what you described though.

> Adding minor spell resistances - such as to fire, lightning, or sleep, etc,
> would be nice.

This woud be really cool.  Though I guess it would require an unique AFF_ 
flag for each type, and then you have to make sure to check against that 
flag in all spells of that type.  ex make a check in Fireball, Burning 
Hands, Dragon Breath (Fire Based), etc...

>  Speaking of which, could we possible get sanctuary changed
> back to 'max(18,damage)'?  Making it halve damage on mobs is equivalent to
> just giving them twice as many hitpoints, and thus...well, sorta impotent.
> If I wanted it to have that many HP I'd have given it to it :).  I grant
> that a 1/2 damage Sanct is helpful to players, but I still prefer the max 18
> one. 

I've talked to other wiz's at about this, and thought that changing back 
to 18max for mobs, but 1/2 for players might be best.  I'd also make it 
1/2 for spell based damage rather than 18 max.  

> Adding another damage reduction spell that cuts damage by half or 1/3
> wouldn't offend me much, 'twere it lev 21 or so :)  'Protection from <align>'
> is another good suggestion 

Actually thats what my version of Pro from <Align> does.  Reduces damage 
by 25% from attacs by a mob of that alignment.  Though checking for 
AGGR_<align> mobs would be a cool addition as well.  I've also made this 
a self-only spell to prevent people from beefing up a tank with both 
Sanct and Pro From <Align>.  (Clerics dont often tank... :)

> that will be a 1% chance rather than a 5% chance!  The exp tables I'd like
> to handle myself, and I think the final say on them will be somewhat
> dependant on what new spells and skills go in :)  Heck, they can't take
> THAT much of my time - the titles are there, they just need some decent
> values!

So there are now unique titles for each level?  And I'd also like to 
suggest that you put "XP Humps" in at certain level, say 8 16 and 24, so 
that those levels require a good bit more than what would be regular at 
that level to advance.  Thus players will lag in progression at those 
levels for a bit longer and thus there will be more players at those 
levels to group with.  Is that confusing, or... ?

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