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Date: 03/29/94

On Mon, 28 Mar 1994, Danhiel Baker wrote:

> tintin  (which reminds me - anyone know a site I can find tintin++ at? 

Have you tried the sites listed in the diku faq?  It should be at atleast 
one in there.
> just changed machines, and my old version doesn't like this machine, and
> we don't have archie, either *sigh*; at least it DOES have gcc!)

Um, you dont have to have archie installed to use it.  Just telnet and do a search there.

> 	1) Make it a skill that different classes get at different levels

I've chosen to make it a thief only skill.  Seems appropriate, thieves 
need all the help they can get, and it helps promote grouping.

> 	2) Make 'track dog' look for either the closest dog or at least
> 	   first check the zone you are in for dogs; it is aggrevating
> 	   to 'track slave' in Arachnos and end up heading towards Rome
> 	   or the Drow area.

Probably rather easy to check if any dogs are in your area, though a 
better solution would be to track the one closest in terms of # of rooms.

> 	3) Limit the max number of rooms you can track from (perhaps make
> 	   this increase with skill% AND level).  Tracking the DracoLich
> 	   from the Bakery in midgaard makes damn little sense, period!

Even more so when the dracolich is a sentinel mob.  Kinda hard to find 
tracks for a mob that never moves.  I'm not sure if I've put in this 
check or not, but I think track should check if a mob is sentinel and if 
so not track it.

> Jer ->     (*SIGH* OK, Jeremy, add a NO_TRACKING room flag and a NO_TRACK
> 	   mob flag,'s gotta be done, I guess :)

Probably a good idea and easy enuf to implement.

> 	4) perhaps add a toggle that will always do an 'exits' when a
> 	   player is tracking, so they can see for themself what lies in
> 	   that direction.

Probably somethign more of a job for tintin, but I see your point.

>  All DTs will be lighted in v3.0,

yea!  You wouldnt happen to be keeping a log of your changes have you?  I 
dont plan on replacing my world files in full, and diff'ing em might be a 
bit drastic... :)

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