Re: Circle 3.0 update
Date: 03/29/94

> Along similar lines, has anyone looked into giving SKILLS to spell 
> casters as well?  I'd like to make a couple mage or cleric skills, yet 
> have a different learning rate for skills than spells.  Has anyone tried 
> this?  

Ah-ha!  Funny you should ask!  Circle 3.0's new integrated spell/skill
system makes it _easy_ to give spells or skills to any class.  This, of
course, it key for creating hybrid classes such as paladins who have
both spells and skills.

Okay, another sneak peak at Circle 3.0.  A spell sample record:

			/*   L E V E L S      MANA  COST  */
			/* Ma  Cl  Th  Wa    Max Min Chng */
spello(SPELL_BLINDNESS,     3,  6,  X,  X    50,  20,  5,

This shows that the blindness spell is usable at level 3 for mages and
level 6 for clerics, and not usable by thieves and warriors.  When a
caster first gets the spell, it will cost 50 mana; then, for each level
the mage/cleric gains, the spell will cost 5 less mana until it bottoms
out at 20.

There are other arguments to spello() that I'm leaving out of this
sample, such as whether or not the spell is violent, how many seconds
of delay are caused by casting the spell, valid targets, etc.


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