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Date: 03/31/94

On Wed, 16 Mar 1994, Danhiel Baker wrote:

> I'm just curious what ppls feelings are towards those players that earn
> the exp to Immort but do not wish to.  I personally see little "good"
> coming out of such characters - generally they tend to just stick around
> and help level their friends and otherwise increase the levels/day rate
> of the mud, IMO.

It seems this can be even worse if these same players can also Immort at 
will as well though.  If you allow *anyone* (and we all get our share of 
asshole players) to Immort, or stay mortal, they will get both, and then 
use their immortal abilities to assist their mortal characters.  I've 
seen quite a bit of abuse by Immortals, and its often alot harder for the 
nomral players to police an Immortal, than a fellow mortal player.

I perfer the system where players can only be promoted to Immortal status 
by an Implementor.

> *RESTRICT_lev flags on items, so you must be over a certain lev to use it?

Never liked this.  This is how Merc solves the problem.

> *Have lev 25+s that die more than 'X' times die permanantly (or lose con,
> or such)?  

This might be alot better.  I've played in a system where you aged a few 
years each time you died, to the point where a very old character was 
rather weak and not powerful enough anymore.  Then they have to start all 
over at level 1.  Problem is they usually have the equiptment and friends 
to help them make lv 30 rather fast.

> *Making items REALLY limited seems like a terribly good solution in my 
> opinion, though this means more areas (with trinket-items IMO, to keep interest 
> up) are needed in order to keep everyone searching for something new 
> and useful.  

Definately.  Making items load randomly and making them "wearout" as well 
helps this quite a bit.  All three together might be a very good soluton.

> *Allowing players to have items 'custom-fit' at a price so that only

Seems cool, but a good bit of work.  I'd prefer to use the above methods.

> *Make sure that exp is split in a group based on player_lev/max_levs_in_
> group.  Possibly remove/lessen the 'extra' percentage of exp a player
> earns for killing a much higher level mob if they average lev in the group
> is higher than the players lev (and especially if average_lev>mob_lev!)

I think this is generally fixed by making a max XP gain based on the 
current XP needed between your current level and your next level.

> *One 'general note' - make sure that career 30s can't "transfer exp" to
> lower lev characters by removing all equip and allowing some lower lev
> mob to kill them repeatedly, said mob later being killed by the low lev
> player. Yes, this can happen on some Diku versions, and I watched/stopped
> players trying this while an Imp on Shine. *cringe, puke*

Ugh... seen players do it by killing eachother willingly, but not this 
way... ugh... yea.  Well, maybe just dont give Mobs XP for killing PCs?  
Or give them a Max XP gain as well?

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