new areas sent in
Date: 03/31/94

I have put two new areas into the submissions directory at /pub/CircleMUD. They are Vice Island and Oceania Proper.

If you want a tour pre-to-installing them, come over to StrangeMUD
at 9332 and I'll do my best to give you a tour if
I'm around...though you'll probably do just as well by downloading 
the darn things.

Oceania Proper is the base of a 4-sublevel area I am building called,
simply, Oceania. The areas are split up into good, evil, and neutral,
but some things cross over in each place.

Oceania Proper has 49 rooms, each with basically the same description. 2 of 
these rooms are dt's. It has 3 mobs, and about 5 or 6 pieces of equipment, c
an't remember at the moment.

Vice Island is much larger. It has 103 rooms, about 40 mobs, about 50 pieces
of equipment(I think), and is meant for the evil-only type. 

To be sent in sometime in the future:

Faerie Tale Island: Based on sleeping beauty...
Riddle Mountain: the entrance to a new continent, which is what makes sense
with an area like Oceania. :)

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