Release date for 3.0?

From: Steven Walker (
Date: 04/01/94

This probably is a common question, but I havent heard a response from 
other people asking, nor do I read the news group to find out either.
So I'll ask :-) is their a date yet for the 3.0 release of circle.  Part of
the reason that I ask is that I am the head coder for KallistiMud 
( port 4000) and would like to upgrade our speghetti code to
real code.  We looked at 2.20 and liked it a lot, but the 3.0 code sounds 
like it will have a lot of what we were going to code into it, already done.
So instead of duplicating efforts, I figured I would wait for 3.0.

Anxiously yours,

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