instead of LEVEL_GOD

From: The Chronicler (
Date: 04/03/94

this may be a wacky idea, but im going to add room_owned flag.

what this does is allow changes of godrooms as someone is promoted or demoted.

rooms are normally owned by no one.
but a 35 or 36 (my mud is36 = impl) can set room owner "name"

then whenever someone trys to go to room if 
if GET_LEVEL(ch) < GET_LEVEL(room[owner]) (or i figure something like that.)

send_to_char("You cant go there");

so say the person starts at 31 level, and is promod to 33.

the room is now 33+ only...
if they screw up, and demoted to 31, 31 only.

havent tried it yet, think it will work?

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