From: Jeff (
Date: 04/03/94

dbaker writes: 
> VampLestat replies to Jeremy's post:
> |
> | SECT_UNDERWATER would be a "good thing".  Same as WATER_SWIM but causes 
> | damage to pc/mob.
> Seems like alot else would need to go into this, you may expect,
> I've got *lots* of ideas I generated for Wiley II Diku way back when that
> never got imped...  I'll still be posting stuff for general use, as well
> as stuff for 3.x possible use.

I think a ROOM_PAIN would work better than defining a whole new sector.  With
ROOM_PAIN you can give pain in any kind of terrain.

> Note that MOB_NOBLIND and MOB_NOBASH should be added as, I presume, 17
> and 18 respectively.  These were late add-ins at my request, and fairly
> self explanatory - you can't "bash" a tree, or a dragon...  You can't
> Blind something with no eyes, or something with other targeting senses
> (just as Vamp also mentioned).

I think we're getting pretty picky here... should there be NO_POISON, NO_STEAL,
NO_BACKSTAB, NO_FIREBALL (we wouldn't want fire giants taking fire damage),
etc, etc....???  I think all these flags are going overboard.... and if
we're going to go overboard, we might as well create a new field for every
single skill in the list... I can see some skills being MOB_ flags... but
I think we're going beyond that.


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