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Date: 04/03/94

VampLestat replies to Jeremy's post:
| SECT_UNDERWATER would be a "good thing".  Same as WATER_SWIM but causes 
| damage to pc/mob.

Seems like alot else would need to go into this, you may expect,
I've got *lots* of ideas I generated for Wiley II Diku way back when that
never got imped...  I'll still be posting stuff for general use, as well
as stuff for 3.x possible use.

| > #define MOB_NOCHARM	 (1 << 13) /* Mob can't be charmed		*/
| > #define MOB_NOSUMMON (1 << 14) /* Mob can't be summoned		*/
| > #define MOB_NOSLEEP	 (1 << 15) /* Mob can't be slept		*/
| > #define MOB_NOTRACK	 (1 << 16) /* Mob can't be tracked		*/

Note that MOB_NOBLIND and MOB_NOBASH should be added as, I presume, 17
and 18 respectively.  These were late add-ins at my request, and fairly
self explanatory - you can't "bash" a tree, or a dragon...  You can't
Blind something with no eyes, or something with other targeting senses
(just as Vamp also mentioned).

| Make sure to include "NOTELEPORT" as part of NOSUMMON restrictions. 

Currently you can't cast Teleport on someone else, so why'd you need this?
Granted, Teleport could be made to affect others, but in such cases I'd
feel that the coder could take the time to add that flag to the "don't
teleport under these conditions" list...

| #define AFF_FLIGHT (1 << 28) /* new -vamp */ AIR room flag would be nice for this...  I presume you added this
also?  I didn't notice it in the flags you mentioned above.

| >  [item NO_class stuff deleted]

Hmm... see the encumberance stuff that just came through.  Perhaps changing
to that in later versions would be possible?  As an architect, I abhore the
idea of going thru and trying to tack on 1-3 NO_class flags on various
items... See what you think of the 'BULKY' and 'VERY_BULKY' stuff.

| #define ITEM_LIGHT_SOURCE    (1 << 15) /* is a light source -vamp */
| added to allow me to make a spell "create light" that can be cast on 
| items and permanently made into light sources.  Like the AD&D spell 
| "Continual Light".

Good idea :)

The new exp and saving throw charts will be posted shortly - the new saving
throws are on a percentage scale, instead of d20, which seemed too limited
and had too many overlaps.  Anyway, it's coming - gotta type it in, as it's
on paper right now...

Everyone have a happy rabbit-day?


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