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Date: 04/04/94

On Sun, 3 Apr 1994, Danhiel Baker wrote:
> VampLestat replies to Jeremy's post:
> | Make sure to include "NOTELEPORT" as part of NOSUMMON restrictions. 
> Currently you can't cast Teleport on someone else, so why'd you need this?

Actually because I changed it so you could teleport others... :)  But I 
can also forsee teleport spells/wands/potions, etc that I wouldnt want 
affecting a mob.

> Granted, Teleport could be made to affect others, but in such cases I'd
> feel that the coder could take the time to add that flag to the "don't
> teleport under these conditions" list...

True.  Just a suggestion I guess.
> | #define AFF_FLIGHT (1 << 28) /* new -vamp */
> AIR room flag would be nice for this...  I presume you added this
> also?  I didn't notice it in the flags you mentioned above.

No, actually I didnt, but its a great effect when you make ghosts 
AFF_FLIGHT, and alter the movement descriptions so it says "The Ghost of 
Lady Macbeth flys south.", etc.

> items... See what you think of the 'BULKY' and 'VERY_BULKY' stuff.

I think they wouldnt get used much by area builders.  I'd suggest an 
ITEM_NON-BULKY and and ITEM_BULKY with the default in the middle.

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