Re: Cannot create new players

From: VampLestat (
Date: 04/04/94

I got the following message mailed to me, though I thought it should be 
posted to the Circlemud mailing list.  I just keep the FAQ, I dont write 
circle mud.  :)

On Mon, 4 Apr 1994, Michael B. Gilliam wrote:

> Hello,
> Oki, I am running a CircleMud obviously.  But for some reason, anytime
> a new players tries to log into it, it says invalid name, but if a player
> hat already exist enters, there is no prob.  Any guesses to why?  The 
> game is NOT wizlocked, so that is not it.
> Thanks in advance

My first guess would be to check write permissions on the player files or 
the player file directory.  Make sure they have permission to write there.

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