Re: Flags and Mobs... (was Re: CIRCLE 3.0...)

From: Jeff (
Date: 04/04/94

dbaker wrote:
> Jeff "Teker" Fink explains:
> | Rather than editing the mob and obj file formats we have added a series of
> | optional flags that can be placed at the end of each object/mobile.  For 
> | mobiles, we give them skills just by adding some of these optional lines.
> This is *nice!* Quite a well thought out way of dealing with this problem!!!
> *applause*  I am sincerely impressed, and feel bad that such a system isn't
> available to me *sniff* :)

;-)  Thanks for the compliment... This is how I think the NO_BASH, etc flags
should be done... add a U line or something that has a negative to the skill
when someone uses it on them,,, if you don't want a mob affected, do a -200
to it... give elves 90% resistance to charm... I'm just an all or nothin'
kind of guy!  ;-)

> | We've got the USEITEM flag... but it gets abused... people dropping cursed
> | armor for mobs to pick up and use...
> They 'remove curse' it to get rid of the NO_DROP?  Clever players :) 

It's amazing what some people come up with.  This is one of the reasons we 
modified steal so that low level players couldn't steal from high level mobs.
We got thieves who came in and stole the golden bow from the purple sandworm,
stole both keys in cityguard HQ (and then the money), and then went around 
with sleep staves and stole just about anything that wasn't bolted down!


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