Re: Flags and Mobs... (was Re: CIRCLE 3.0...)

From: VampLestat (
Date: 04/05/94

On Mon, 4 Apr 1994, Jeff Teker Fink wrote:

> We got thieves who came in and stole the golden bow from the purple sandworm,
> stole both keys in cityguard HQ (and then the money), and then went around 
> with sleep staves and stole just about anything that wasn't bolted down!

Used to do the same myself actually.  There was an extremely powerful 
silver dragon that carried a diamond ring and a crystal rod.  Cast sleep 
on it until successful and then swipe em after its asleep.

Always always always equip mobs with the items they have, if possible.  
I had to do this manually to alot of the circle areas.

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