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Date: 04/05/94

On Mon, 4 Apr 1994, Jeff Teker Fink wrote:

> Rather than editing the mob and obj file formats we have added a series of
> optional flags that can be placed at the end of each object/mobile.  For 
> mobiles, we give them skills just by adding some of these optional lines.
> For instance,
> S 45 100
> would give the mobile skill #45 (bash? can't remember) at 100 percent.  I've
> completely rewritten mobact so that mobs with skills randomlty pick one to
> use if they're standing and have mana...  it still needs a little work
> (mobs healing themselves when they don't need it, etc) but it gets rid of the
> need to use spec_procs to do the work for you.

Hmm.. how hard was this to code, and how did you go about implementing 
it?  It sounds more than a bit useful, and I might like to do somethign 

> We've got the USEITEM flag... but it gets abused... people dropping cursed
> armor for mobs to pick up and use...

Heh heh, you must have been expecting that one before you implemented it 
though....  Like dropping small swords for mobs to wield instead of doing 
their massave hand damage, they only get small sword damage.

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