Re: Individual player files.

From: Jeff (
Date: 04/05/94

> Jeff "Teker" Fink explains:
> | Well, the text format is much larger than saving them in binary mode...
> | although I am for separate player files... it'd be much easier to save
> | the poofin and poofout messages, along with any other variable length string
> | that the player has (including long descriptions)  You could even tack
> | the rent file onto the end.
> | 
> | -Jeff
> Was/Isn't Rivers of Mud a Merc based diku?  Didn't Jeremy put a *reasonably*
> sized ROM on FTP for us to snag areas from -without- the hassle of their
> player files...which were stored in the above manner?  I can hear him now,
> just as if 'twere yesterday: "this is enough to convince me not to go to
> individual, text based player saving."  Well, heck... so I paraphrased
> a *bit*, you get the gist.  It's big.  It's Ugly (well, it's handy, but...)
> It's not likely.  Or maybe Jeremy just didn't wand a text save of the 
> rent files... that might have been it, though I have a feeling that the 
> above discussion sorta includes that too :)

I looked at the ROM stuff (when it still had the player files) and if I recall
correctly, there was something on the order of 15 megs of player files (half
to three-quarters of the total space used by the whole MUD)  The whole thing
wouldn't have been too bad if the player files were binary and split into
a logically created directory tree (like the objects are on Circle).
(ROM had so many players that /bin/rm * did not work because the command line
was too long)


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