From: The Chronicler (
Date: 04/05/94

>> You know, the Merc guys had THE ideas with respect to playerfiles.
>> Why not make Circle 3.1 have individual text playerfiles just like Merc?
>> Or maybe not EXACTLY like Merc.. it would save on playerfile corruption
>> and make addition to the character structure a hellovalot easier.
>> Just a thought.
>Well, the text format is much larger than saving them in binary mode...
>although I am for separate player files... it'd be much easier to save
>the poofin and poofout messages, along with any other variable length string
>that the player has (including long descriptions)  You could even tack
>the rent file onto the end.

not only size...but ive heard rumors about people on merc muds that managed to
somehow hack into their player files... being text it makes it a lot easier to 
advance yourself.

BTW: strange bug in 2.2 with set exp, or something else not sure.
Some god on my mud,(thank god it was one i trusted) discovered hi could set exp
really high...and then kill something, anything and level to amazing 80 for cleric, 100 for mage...

what i did....was make set exp max 7,999,999.  I think the max was higher than 
the range needed for 34. (i know it was, cause my mud is a 36, and it was
higher than 36).


Sagar, at mirtosmud.


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