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From: C Smith (
Date: 04/06/94

On Wed, 6 Apr 1994, Jeff Teker Fink wrote:
> > 
> > Hmm..... just had a though prompted by a post to r.g.m.d.  Come to
> > think of it, there's at least one mud that I know of that already
> > does this...    People with slow connections tend to die in combat,
> > right?  (read 'die' as 'suffer terrible amounts of lag').  So how
> > difficult would it be to create a player-setable flag that
> > determines whether said player will see the combat messages from
> > other people fighting in the same room?  Haven't thought it through
> > yet.... any particular drawbacks any of ye can think of?
> How would they know who to assist/rescue and how would they know if an 
> aggressive mobile attacked someone in their group?
> -Jeff
 Ah, this seems to be one of those client vs. mud debates.  Should the 
mud be responsible for sending shorter phrases to the person who plays @ 
2400 or should the person get a client?  I think the simplest sollution 
is for the player to just get a client like tintin and substitute the 
long battle statements into shorter ones, as suggested in the tintin 
documentation.  This also solves the problem because triggers can be set 
and be executed even before the players sees the outcome @2400 baud.

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