Re: Combat message blocking

From: James T. Mack (jtmack@futon.SFSU.EDU)
Date: 04/06/94

On Wed, 6 Apr 1994, Josh Kifer wrote:

> >>Hmm..... just had a though prompted by a post to r.g.m.d.  Come to
> >>think of it, there's at least one mud that I know of that already
> >>does this...    People with slow connections tend to die in combat,
> >>right?  (read 'die' as 'suffer terrible amounts of lag').  So how
> >>difficult would it be to create a player-setable flag that
> >>determines whether said player will see the combat messages from
> >>other people fighting in the same room?  Haven't thought it through
> >>yet.... any particular drawbacks any of ye can think of?
> >lots o muds have this.  kalisti has it, mine has it.
> >mine (fasioned after kalisti...great mud...and im only a player...not even a
> >god)
> >shows the condition of the mob, the condition
> >of the tank if your not it, the mobs hits, and your hits.
> >saves alot :)
> --
> I don't think that is what he means.  He is saying for low bps users, have
> the option to cut out all combat data that dos not pertain to them.  What
> they are suffering is lag so much as a time warp.  People with 14.4k modems
> see everything almost right away, and those with 2400 somtimes don't know
> their dead until a minute after it happenes.. where they could have
> recalled or flee'd.
> I think the best way to handle this is to slow down the speed of fights in
> general.  Let each round of combat take an extra second or two longer.

Why don't you combine both of those ideas. It would be very easy to set
a toggle flag for slow users. This flag would a tiny lag to the battle 
(which is just a matter of a sleep(1) before the next round) then also
the flag would toggle an abbreviated set of messages from the other players
fighting and the monster's attacks on them. 

this could be set like:

dam_message(dam, ch, victim, TYPE_HIT_SLOW);

But the sleep definately could slow down the whole game for that 1 second.
In fact it would. ok scratch that. 

BTW - I have a CircleMUD running 6666 


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