New list.

From: Brett Turner (
Date: 04/06/94

Ok the new list Doc's been talking about is in beta test on
I request you send mail to: -- in the body of the message place 

-------begin message in body after this line-------------



-------the 'end' will keep your .sigs from spamming you with unknown 
-------command errors from majordomo

The help will send you info on how to subscribe to circle and what other
nice things it will do.  We do not have archiving YET. We are working on it.
Hopefully soon you will be able to get all the notes we have from the 
past few months simply by mailing circle-request.  I will tell you when 
this is implemented.  Please, once you understand the help file.. request 
the info for circle..

and in the body request: 

info circle


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