From: Jeff (
Date: 04/06/94

I just ftp'ed a program called "cartograph" to the Circle ftp site.  Basically
it lets you draw ASCII maps, and then it converts them to the Diku format.
It's great for making sure that rooms link up to where they should.

Here's the README file that I sent along with the source:

Cartograph is a C program that allows you to draw ASCII maps and convert them
to the Diku world file format.  An example map would look something like:

                I--I--I                   T------T----/--T---/---T
                |  |  |                   |
                |  |  |              |              FF--->U
                I--I--I              T----T---T-----FF

The program takes an input file and converts it to the Diku world file format
with room titles left as "Room #<room number>" and descriptions that say
"This description is yet unfinished..."  All rooms are connected via the
passages drawn, with no doors and no direction descriptions.  This is a great
way to get the map drawn out making sure that every room connects to where
it should.

The files in the archive are:

Instructions for compiling are in the documentation file.

Cartograph v2.0 was written by Jeff Fink.

Comments? Questions? Complaints?
Mail them to and I'll try to answer them...


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