Some ideas...
Date: 04/07/94

Hi, I am right now working on a Circle2.2 based diku, and I'd
like to get some comments on the stuff I am adding to it.
So, here goes:

o Exits added to the brief description in a room. Can look like
  this: Southern Gate <n,e,s,w,d>
  I just added this as a flag PRF_SHOWEXITS, and you can toggle
  it with the SHOWEXITS command.

o Mobs looting and stealing gold from corpses. I am a bit unsure
  here, whether I should let them carry as much as their max
  carry, or let them loot everything, regardless of its weight.
  The first would be more realistic, but on the other hand it
  would be quite fun with some highlevel mob carrying lots and
  lots of gear. (MOB_RIP_GOLD)

o Mobs sacrificing corpses. Yes, this IS very mean, but I wouldn't
  set MOB_SAC_CORPSE on every mob in the game.. :) I just figured
  it'd be a cool addition to have on a few monsters. (very few.)

o Cleric type mobs being able to identify stuff, and decide what
  to use when they loot corpses. I need to figure out how to
  compare armours and weapons in an 'intelligent' way, so if
  anyone can suggest some neat formula, I'd be very happy.

o Mobs donating stuff to a 'mob donation room'. This would be
  a VERY heavily guarded room, where people would have to beat
  a few very high levelled monsters to get in. And once you
  get in, you cannot be too sure if there actually IS anything
  in there worth fighting for. Maybe I would let this donation
  room be used by mobs all over the world, or just in a certain 

As you can see, I am concentrating on getting the mobs to be more
entertaining that the standard type. Comments and suggestions are
welcome :)
(And, a name suggestion for the mud would be nice, too... )

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