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From: Danhiel Baker (
Date: 04/07/94

Eric Pilcher explains:
| Solution:  Load the equipment into a bag and then have the mob hold the 
| bag.  You can even play with the <if> and <max_exist> values here so that 
| the mob might even in fact have an empty bag, and the players would still 
| have to kill it to find out.  For example:
| M 0 1 1 3005		Load Puff at Market Square
| E 1 1 99 17			Have her hold a bag of holding (max 99)
| P 1 1000 3 1				Put obj 1000 in bag (max 3)
| P 1 1001 2 1				Put obj 1001 in bag (max 2)
| P 1 1002 1 1				Put obj 1002 in bag (max 1)
| So the first time Puff is killed, her bag has 3 items, (1000, 1001, 1002)
| the second time she's killed the bag only has 2 items (1000, 1001)
| the third time, the bag only has one item (1000)
| and after that, no more items are in the bag, although the bag will 

I like this idea - the "diminishing returns" and the hidden treasures
would keep players guessing;  too bad it can't be made to *increase* as
the mud goes on... Though a wonderfully brilliant idea just occured to me!
Ahh!  What an epiphiny! Waht lousy spelling, too! ;)  I don't know if I should
put this idea out for the general public or not....

Ok, here goes:  rig the .zon to load objects into "dump" rooms - this includes
DTs, "The Dump", etc.  Items there won't get "absorbed" until a player enters
the room (unless Jeremy re-wrote this);  This could mean that some objects 
won't be available to load into an area until someone has walked into that
DT, or gone to the dump (of course, as a player watching various goodies
disappear, I might either eventually get a clue or burst into tears... I'm 
not sure which would come first!).  Ok, so maybe it's not a *wonderful* idea,
but using this in conjunction with the 'if' statements and obj-maxes you could
have certain mobs and objects ONLY show up once-in-a-blue-moon, or less

I've also got a few other ideas, which I unfortunately JUST replied to
one of the original ppl on this thread instead of to the group...and it
seems they went on vacation shortly after mailing their bit, or my
mail hasn't arrived yet (it's been known to happen...), as my pleas
for aid (and a kindly "bounce" or "forward") have gone un-answered...
Maybe I'll type them in again if they don't show up soon :)

| continue to load with Puff 96 times.
	Sorry to pick nits, but unless Puff IS your mud, then you'll have
	other bags floating around that will interfere with this, making
	it less than 96 times, or more, depending on how many the grocer
	sells, how many players have already, how many get junked...etc :)


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