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Date: 04/07/94

On Thu, 7 Apr 1994, Danhiel Baker wrote:

> Ok, here goes:  rig the .zon to load objects into "dump" rooms - this includes
> DTs, "The Dump", etc.  Items there won't get "absorbed" until a player enters
> the room (unless Jeremy re-wrote this);  This could mean that some objects 
> won't be available to load into an area until someone has walked into that
> DT, or gone to the dump (of course, as a player watching various goodies
> disappear, I might either eventually get a clue or burst into tears... I'm 
> not sure which would come first!).  Ok, so maybe it's not a *wonderful* idea,
> but using this in conjunction with the 'if' statements and obj-maxes you could
> have certain mobs and objects ONLY show up once-in-a-blue-moon, or less
> often...

Actually I think this is a rather bad solution to getting items to load 
more randomly, or atleast less often.

Its not the purpose of Dumps, might not work if someone recodes how Dumps 
work, and causes a poor, incorrect display when someone enters a dump room.

I solved this by just altering the zone files so that there is an 
additional zone command that does the same thing as loading an object, 
but takes and additional argument that determines the percentage chance 
of loading the item.

Thus you could have a purple potion that only loads 5% of the time on 
the hobgoblin.  Makes things a bit more interesting.  Then also assign a 
10% chance for him to get a blue potion.  So occationally he as one, or 
the other, or on very rare occcations, both.

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