Help me!

From: David Stanley Marchlik (
Date: 04/08/94

Maybe you guys can help me,  I am running the mud temporarily out of the tmp
dir and leaving all the object, player, motd, and those such files out of the
Well here is my problem I changed in objsave.c the location of where the plrobj
dir can be found.  I changed it to/a/kittyhawk/home/users0/dsmarchl/circle/l or somethiung like that.   Well now, the mud crash saves people, BUT it seems
that people can keep getting that same eq saved with the crash save file.  What
I mean is...if they die/quit/dt the crash save file is retrieved and they have their eq back.  Apparantly people can reproduce eq by quiting, getting the eq on
the ground and they would also have that same eq in their inventory.  If anyone
can help me out with this problem I would be forever grateful

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