Re: Circle 3.0 SPELL LIST -- Please Read

From: VampLestat (
Date: 04/08/94

On Fri, 8 Apr 1994, Josh Kifer wrote:

> >>           (24) Summon Undead       (24) Negate Sanctuary
> >>           (24)                     (24)
> >
> >I think Summon Undead is more of a Cleric Spell, maybe remove Negate Sanct
> >and give it to clerics as well?
> I disagree.  Summon Undead is something a Necromancer would use.

Possibly both, but Undead seem more connected to clerics than mages.  It 
was imped as a 'Animate Dead' as a Cleric only spell at FajitaDIKU and 
was rather fun.  This also though required a corpse to animate, and then 
the corpse determined the description of the new undead.

> It is a
> magical charm, and not called upon the deities for.  Kind of idiotic for a
> cleric to have 'Turn Undead' and 'Summon Undead'... do they want them
> around or not?

That depends on the alignment of the cleric.  Protection from Good and 
Protection from Evil are certainly opposites.  I see good aligned clerics 
turning undead, while evil ones Summoning them.  

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