Re: Circle 3.0 SPELL LIST -- Please Read

From: Josh Kifer (
Date: 04/08/94

>On Fri, 8 Apr 1994, Jeremy Elson wrote:
>> If you have any suggestions for moving spells around, please make
>> them.  Also, I need a couple of more mid-level mage spells to
>> fill the list out.
>> Identify Potion: Identify which spells are contained in a potion.
>Hmm.. dont really like this one.  Then players will have an extremely easy
>way of ID'ing any potion.  Yea, they can use ID scrolls, but having the
>mystery of a new potion is kinda cool.

I think its fine.  Having the mystery of a new potion is not cool, because
nobody drink them until they know what they are anyway.  Spells is spells.

>> Decompose: Cause a corpse to decompose
>This might make a better cleric spell.  2th level cleric spell?

What good is this spell?

>> Calm: stop a fight
>How exactly does this work?  I see potential for abuse, particularly in
>combination with a backstabbing thief and spellcaster combo.

That's just another way players can overcome their obstacles... I think its
fine.  And it has many other uses.  It is implemented at Arctic and works
fine.  In fact, it is rarely used in the way you suggest.  I think it
should be a higher level cleric spell.

>>            Magic User               Cleric
>>            (1) Magic Missile        (1) Armor
>>            (1) Identify Potion      (1) Cure Light

I say move identify potion to second or third level.

>>            (6) Information          (6) Sense Life
>>            (6)                      (6) Cure Blindness
>What does Information do?
Good question.

>>           (24) Summon Undead       (24) Negate Sanctuary
>>           (24)                     (24)
>I think Summon Undead is more of a Cleric Spell, maybe remove Negate Sanct
>and give it to clerics as well?

I disagree.  Summon Undead is something a Necromancer would use.  It is a
magical charm, and not called upon the deities for.  Kind of idiotic for a
cleric to have 'Turn Undead' and 'Summon Undead'... do they want them
around or not?

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