Re: Thanks Jeff, just one more question

From: Danhiel Baker (
Date: 04/09/94

	Sorry to sound so negative here, but RTFM!!  Try 'man chmod',
for instance.  Also, try asking your sysadmin these system-oriented details,
or your local UNIX guru.  Sure, we all where clueless to UNIX once, but I
almost get the impression that you got your acct last August and decided
you'd like to run a MUD now.  I presume (oh, what faith I have in humanity!)
that you've at least *some* C coding experience (above _my_level, I'd hope!...)
so I won't even get into that...  If you *don't*, then it's high time that
someone told you that MUDs aren't like software you pick up at your local
store... It's just a LITTLE more complicated...

Danny (who is being a grouch, but thinks this should have stayed to priv.
email if it didn't want to take the chance of wandering into traffic...)

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