Re: Thanks Jeff, just one more question

From: jason (
Date: 04/09/94

The following was received from Danhiel Baker:

[various truths deleted]
> If you *don't*, then it's high time that
> someone told you that MUDs aren't like software you pick up at your local
> store... It's just a LITTLE more complicated...
> Danny (who is being a grouch, but thinks this should have stayed to priv.
> email if it didn't want to take the chance of wandering into traffic...)

I agree with this completely.  I cannot count the number of times my jaw has 
hit the floor over the years at the level of inexperience (read: cluelessness)
I have encountered in people who are seriously trying to run their own MUD!

    Admittedly, most of us do not know as much about C as we would like.  Even
seasoned experience programmers have things they would like to know more about
(unless they are extremely dull).  If you are planning to run... RUN a MUD,
you should know how to program.  It irks me to see people trading code in the
literal sense for simple things.  

When you shouldn't be running a MUD, or
Why shouldn't I be an implementor:

1)   If you can't get, set up, and run the MUD initially by yourself
2)   If you have to have other people (people not involved with your MUD) debug
	code for you.
3)   If the only new code you get is given to you by others.
4)   If you only use the default worldfile or
5)   If you use the default worldfile because you don't know how to use anything

I too am venting my spleen, but I feel a certain necessity to do so...


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