Re: Thanks Jeff, just one more question (fwd)

From: David Stanley Marchlik (
Date: 04/09/94

Ok guys, so I am not coding gurus like you *bow*.  But cut me a little slack 
here.  I am sure, you were once clueless like me, unless you were born genuisoes
.  I severly doubt that.  And I might be wrong but I think alot of people startt
muds so that they can learn how to code (me).  I have not requested any code
from another person, I try to fumble through what coding I can do.  But here is
what I would like to say.  Why do you guys have to be so self righteous?  If
you don't want your mail to get clogged up with this crap, why did you reply
just to criticize???  Get a clue guys.  Oh and furthermore Jeff's suggestion
(I do appreciate your help Jeff) has NOTHING to do with the actual problem.
So all you super duper smart guys put your head to gether and figure out 
something that many quite experienced coders can not even help me with.


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