Re: Thanks Jeff, just one more question (fwd)

From: Josh Kifer (
Date: 04/09/94

>Agreed.  This is one reason I have been hesitant to send in code for use in
>other people's MUDs (including spell/skill requests we have seen on this
>mailing list).  Having a set of code like CircleMUD and a set of UNIX man
>pages is enough to teach you how to program in C.  First you learn to "mod",
>by taking code that does similar things to what you want, and copying it.
>Eventually you learn to code.

Heh.  Not really learning to write in C then are you.  If you don't take
courses, where you can learn to solve certain problems, and find new ways
to get through common ones, your code is going to be long, garbled and
idiotic.  Unless your a prodigy, yer not going to be programming at any
saleable level.

>Partial agreement.  It takes a lot of work to design a good area, and just
>about any "free" area that sits on an ftp site is going to be utter rubbish.

I agree.


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