Re: Thanks Jeff, just one more question (fwd)

From: Jeff (
Date: 04/09/94

I quote Josh:
> Josh quotes me:
> >Agreed.  This is one reason I have been hesitant to send in code for use in
> >other people's MUDs (including spell/skill requests we have seen on this
> >mailing list).  Having a set of code like CircleMUD and a set of UNIX man
> >pages is enough to teach you how to program in C.  First you learn to "mod",
> >by taking code that does similar things to what you want, and copying it.
> >Eventually you learn to code.
> Heh.  Not really learning to write in C then are you.  If you don't take
> courses, where you can learn to solve certain problems, and find new ways
> to get through common ones, your code is going to be long, garbled and
> idiotic.  Unless your a prodigy, yer not going to be programming at any
> saleable level.

Then I would say we learn in different ways.  I learned to write C code
by running a BBS while in high school.  Like CircleMUD, the code I worked
on displayed templates for handling issues such as structure, database
management, file handling, and some network/asyncronous connection 
techniques that usually aren't taught in C classes.  Besides, you don't
need C to learn how to solve problems... 


PS - I think the only person who would call me a prodigy would be my mom,
but my code is sellable... and I don't think any C course has had anything
to do with it... exploration into why code works is the key to better

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